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we are now allowing submission into the group, but only fan arts of anime and they have to be Islamic. So change something about them to make them Muslim.

Only Muslim style fanArt of Animes should be submitted here. You should have the name of the anime or manga in the comments so the admin looking at your deviation knows that it is indeed a fanart of an anime or manga. Make sure to submit your artwork to the most appropriate category or sub category if one exists. (Male Fan Art, Female Fan Art, Group Fan Art, etc.)

What can you not submit to this category?
You cannot submit your original characters or fanart of American cartoons or comic books. We also do not accept fanart that is not in Muslim style.

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Anime 4 Muslims has been inactive for a long time.  Anyone want to help restart this idea?  It doesn't have to be on deviantart.  It could be on facebook, on reddit, or whatever, or on wikia, or whatever works best to inspire us to keep writing and pushing forward what Anime4Muslim is trying to do.  


Thanks... ^_^
Hi there my friends!

Here you go with the next Anime review, Garden of Words!

Here, per usual, the PDF with the images and formatting:…

And here the the text only version:


Hello’s and Welcome’s

I greet you, dear reader and lover of Anime! How are you feeling this fine *insert daytime*? Me? I feel awesome! Much due to another opportunity to write another Anime Review! Once more it will be a blast to write you about another Anime Movie, this time the movie being “Garden of Words.”

Plot overview and
Mature Content Watch

The story revolves around the 15 year old student Takao Akizuki, who dreams about becoming a shoe-maker and the young woman Yukari Yukino, who is going through some life troubles. They both meet on a rainy morning in a park for the first time and their relationship evolves from there on.

Visually there isn’t anything really obscene. Clothing can be described as generally western, springtime style, which isn’t as revealing as summer clothing, and in my honest opinion, pretty much harmless.

Story-wise I could say that this is an improper relationship from an islamic point of view, especially in the later scenes at the apartment of Yukari Yukino, where they cook meal and eat together. Although nothing serious happens; from an islamic point of view, two “namahrem” people aren’t allowed to be alone in a room, so it might encourage something wrong for Muslims. That being said, you should be generally on the watch when watching Japanese Anime anyways, so scenes like that shouldn’t really be a bother if you know to differentiate and enjoy it as entertainment only.

Furthermore I’d have to mention Yukino drinking beer while she is in the park, which might encourage wrong behaviours, especially for younger audiences.

Plot Summary and Personal Thoughts

Ok, finally arriving at the interesting part! Yay! Fair warning though, spoilers are ahead.

Garden of Words starts with some beautiful park shots, almost photorealistic and pans over the landscape, introducing us to the epicentre of the plot, namely the lone park cabin with seats for multiple persons to sit on. But don’t imagine too much, the area of the cabin is at most four to five meters square.

Takao Akizuki, as mentioned in the plot overview, dreams to become a shoe-maker. Thus he decides that every rainy morning, come school or not, he’ll venture into the park and work on his drafting skills.

In his first morning session, he spots some young woman already seated in the park cabin he intends to work. He approaches the cabin, greets her politely and takes a seat on the opposite side. But soon he is distracted by that same young woman, named Yukari Yukino, as she is drinking cans of beer with chocolate. This odd combination of nutrition grabs Takao’s attention and they start to talk. After having noticed Takao’s school crest, Yukari leaves with a sort of a poem called a “tanka”, which leaves Takao back puzzled.

Takao comes drafting new designs for shoes in the park whenever it rains. And as it is springtime, he is quite often there, too. To his surprise, Yukari seems to be there almost always when he is there as well. So over time they get to know about one another more and more.

At one point Takao tells her about his dream, and that he thinks that he still needs to exercise a lot more. On another morning, he admits that if he could make a shoe for someone it would help him a lot. Upon which Yukari offers her feet, which Takao gladly accepts. When taking measures of her feet, Yukari indicates towards some deep personal troubles by saying: “I need to learn to walk on my own two feet; that is why I come here often.” On a yet other encounter, Yukari gives Takao a present, namely a pricy book about shoe-making. Takao starts to work on his dream harder than ever, spending every free time on drafting shoe designs and working on the actual shoes for Yukari.

As the season of springtime slowly changes towards summer, the rainy days become more and more rare and Yukari doesn’t get to see Takao for a long while.

One day though, Takao figures out the solution to the tanka Yukari mentioned on their first encounter. The solution suggests that she’ll be in the park even when it doesn’t rain, so he meets her with the solution on a sunny day in the park. There finally Takao learns the identity of Yukari Yukino; she is a literature teacher at his school.

This revelation doesn’t change much in their relationship, and after it suddenly starts to rain and thunder, they run to Yukari’s apartment, their clothes all soaked in water. They spend an afternoon together in her apartment, drying their clothes off and preparing meal together. In this moment, both realize that they haven’t been ever happier than now, and Takao admits that he might be falling in love with Yukari. Though she blushes at his remark, she says the he ought to address her as “Miss Yukari” or sensei. She continues to reveal that she is returning to her home town and thanks Takao for having been there in this troubled time of hers.

Confused by her rejection, Takao leaves abruptly the apartment. When Yukari is left alone in her apartment, she starts to cry and realizes her mistake, and runs after Takao.

She finds him some floors below. Takao still angry and hurt shouts that he regrets having ever opened up to her, that she will always live alone and that she should tell him that his dreams are worthless. That’s when Yukari runs towards Takao and into his embrace, and they both start to cry together.

In the epilogue it is revealed that they live apart. Takao has failed his exams and Yukari has moved to another town and is happy at her current school. Takao returns to the park and lays down two finished pairs of shoes with a letter for Yukari.

Finally, he says that he’ll come after her when he is able to take “bigger” steps, probably referring to his failed exam and him still working his part-time job.

And that’s how it ends.

Although quite sweet story how it seems, I’m still puzzled why a teacher would involve herself with a student, especially a high-school student. Don’t get me wrong, but if you’re honest to yourself, you all know that high-school time generally ranges from the ages 15 – 20, which is full on puberty time.

Ok admittedly, nothing really happens, no kiss or similar interactions, but the love relationship is strongly suggested. I guess it’s a relief to know that they live apart and Yukari might involve herself with someone worth her time. No offense to Takao, but dude, hit the twenties and focus on school first, before ruining your life with a serious relationship you can’t handle. I mean I felt somewhat sorry for him that he was still stuck on that teacher in the epilogue.

Well, I guess you can’t interfere with such things, can you? Every culture has almost the same saying about this phenomenon, don’t they? Love makes blind, so, so blind. Muhahaha! ;)

And that’s it for this review. There isn’t much I want to add in terms of personal thought stuff, as the story did take on a fairly limited subject range. Ok, maybe not quite true, but definitely the first thing that strikes you about the story is its superficial side. It’s quite straight-forward, doesn’t try to tell you something big and important that might have an influence on your way of thinking. It doesn’t make you reflect really, it’s just a somewhat dramatic story. I mean the intriguing character here was Yukari Yukino, but you didn’t get to know what exactly put her in her current position and why. It’s hinted that it has to do with some senior students, but the subject has been very superficially touched to that extent that I thought it wasn’t worth dwelling too much on it.

But of course if you’d ask me how the movie holds up in terms of contextual references and story-telling elements, it’s another story. Aside the boring superficial part, there are interesting topics one could dwell and write about. For example the symbol of rain in comparison to both characters current situations, and the cabin as a place of refugee and insouciance. Quite exciting to talk about stuff like that, but it’s not the place in a review.

So sorry for another quite lengthy or somewhat long review, but that’s just me.

Once more I enjoyed thoroughly writing this review for you guys out there and am thrilled about writing the next one! Suggestions are always welcome!

With best regards,


PS: I’m looking through some more “academically” approached reviews and I really like how they are done. But it’s a little problematic doing something like this in a review, as these are meant to increase your appetite for the show/movie and not discuss metaphors, story-telling elements and total revelation of the entire story.

If you’re interested in more in-depth looks into Anime shows/movies like that, let me know and I might start a new series in my profile if there is sufficient request.

Here a taste for something in that direction from another writer:…


See you around at the next one!

Hey people, what's up?

Next review up and running. Sorry for the long delay! The final paragraphes might feel a little rushed, I am having a slight time shortage...

As always, PDF version with images:…

And here, text only:

Summer Wars

Hello, hello there my dear friends and readers! Enjoyers of Anime and the like! It is time - almost a month after the last review - for yet another Anime-Review!
First off I want to apologize for the long delay; I was FORTUNETALEY busy with amazing courses, so I lost track with the reviews, but as writing becomes more and more important, I shall once more devote my time writing articles; among which there shall be these Anime-Reviews as well!
Well alright, enough with the sentimentality and the explanations, let’s get right on track and get this review rolling!

Intro and Plot Summary

So what do we have here? It’s an Anime-Movie called “Summer Wars” and in short: it wasn’t terrible. By now I’ve watched it three times over and the parts I liked and the sections that annoyed the hell out of me have crystallized pretty well by now.
One could describe the story as “Slice of Life”. The only thing out of the ordinary is the “OZ Network”, which basically is a very advanced social network onto which all possible things are hooked up to. It’s not only a digital network to connect with other people, it’s like an alternate life thing, for example, all of trafficking, telephoning etc. are managed and governed through this network. And it’s a global thing!

And well... that’s the setting actually, the interaction and impacts of the OZ network. The story revolves around this network being attacked and the main hero and heroine’s reaction towards this “disturbance”. Ok, admittedly, it’s more. It’s in some ways a bizarre love-story which develops between the main hero and heroine in the course of fighting back the virus that has infested and is about to destroy the OZ network. But more on that in the “Plot and Personal Thoughts” section.

Mature Content Watch

This story is pretty solid in this way. No real ideological subtext and only one short scene of “visually sensitive” material, but it is handled in a very “acceptable” way. Well ok, not entirely, so I’ll give you the minutes to skip either way: 19:05 – 19:40. Or you know the entire “bathing” scene.
The rest of it is fairly harmless. Some short pants here and there, but yeah.

Plot and Personal Thoughts

Alright, let’s tackle the main plot and my own thoughts about it. I guess this is where you should quit reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.
For starters, let’s have a look at a special “background” element that is actually something really big, but is being pushed into the background. You could see it as a side story, which runs along the main plot and which is why I want to have a look at it before diving into the main plot summary.

The side story deals with the issue of the total embedment of social life into an online network and how fragile the entire system becomes this way. The OZ system isn’t just a social network; it’s something far beyond that. It’s like a digital “alternate” world, from which people do control and survey real life interactions. For example: the traffic is controlled and observed through the OZ system. Although admittedly this aspect of the story has left me with mixed feelings as it felt very “simulated” to fit the main plot. How should I say... it felt like it was only there to deliver action, which makes you question the plot or more importantly: not take it serious. I don’t really care if there are imaginary things in a story, but I care if they feel necessary. The OZ system didn’t feel necessary for the plot; not that its existence bothered. What bothered is the ridiculous way of how it was included into the main plot. It felt forced.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The subject matter of the OZ system is actually pretty interesting to think about, especially with the ongoing debates of privacy intrusion by social networks and government agencies. Sadly it is being pushed into the background. Then again, a complex subject like that isn’t easy to convey within the timeframe of a movie and I honestly believe it was just used as a plot driving object; almost like a framework to tell your story in. What disappoints in this is the the feel of it: the subject intrigues you, but is being dropped. You know how it feels when someone starts to tell a story about some big, significant and historical event and then is like “oh they dressed so silly back then”? And subsequently jumps to another, totally unrelated topic? Exactly how it feels. I guess that’s the problem when your side-plot becomes more intriguing than the main plot...

Ok, enough of that already, let’s start with the main plot summary.

The plot starts in a high-school room with the two students Kenji Koiso and Takashi Sakuma. While being busy with their job as moderators for the Oz system, they are interrupted by their senior Natsuki Shinohara, who apparently is also friends with the two boys. Upon entering the room she asks if one of them would be interested in a job she’d be offering, not realizing their involvement with the Oz system and their job as moderators in it. After making clear that they already have jobs, Natsuki goes on to reveal the nature of the job she’d be offering: Accompany her to the birthday party of her grandmother at the countryside.  When Kenji and Takashi realize the chance to spend time with Natsuki, they both are eager to give up on their jobs as moderators. Natsuki explains that only one of them can come, after which Takashi decides to stay back and Kenji gets the honour to accompany her.

During their travel to the countryside, it appears like Natsuki has hired Kenji to do labour work. He gets to carry her luggage or so it seems up until they arrive at the countryside. Arriving at their destination, Kenji is overwhelmed by the view. It seemed like they had arrived at a historical site from the shogunate period. The historical building complex amidst the wide green field gave the scenery additional depth. There was even a historical gate at the entrance to the property.

Still perplexed by what he got himself into, he starts to realize that this “job” is more than it seems. They walk towards the entrance of the building and there they are received by Natsuki’s mother. Soon after, Natsuki introduces Kenji to her 90 years old grandmother and Kenji’s job suddenly becomes clear: he ought to play Natsuki’s boyfriend. Actually, more than boyfriend, according to the promise she made to her grandmother, Kenji is the one who would “take care of her” or in other words: her future husband.

Kenji totally surprised, plays along during their meeting with her grandmother. Although he doesn’t want to take on this “job” as Natsuki’s boyfriend, Natsuki manages to convince him to play along and help her out. The very same evening Kenji is being introduced to the extended family of Natsuki at dinner. With every second Kenji realizes more and more what he got himself into and he feels that it is way over his head, but because of his affection for Natsuki gives his best in role-playing Natsuki’s boyfriend.

After some time Kenji leaves for the restroom. In his search for the restroom he gets lost and is once again surprised how big the complex is. On his way back he meets Natsuki’s cousin Kazuma Ikezawa, who seems to be alone in a room, busy with his laptop. After asking him for directions for the restroom, Kenji soon returns to the dinner table, only to discover that something has interrupted the dinner:  Natsuki’s “half” uncle, Wabisuke Jinnouchi, has arrived to join the dinner. But it’s not a happy welcome, quite the contrary, Wabisuke seems to have a troubled relation with the family and his presence is rejected from most of the family members, but upon the intervention of their grandmother, things settle and Wabisuke joins the gathering of the family for Grandmother Sakae Jinnouchi’s birthday party.

That very night, before going to sleep, Kenji receives an SMS from some unknown person with a math-problem to solve. He decides to solve it and stays up the entire night (this is where the ridiculous reason of the inclusion of the Oz system is). After solving and sending the solution back to the sender, he receives and odd response which makes his phone vibrate. Although irritated by the response, he decides to let it go and go to sleep. When he wakes up, it becomes clear what he “solved” the last night: it was a hack-code for the Oz system and now a virus has infested it, thanks to him.

One thing after another happens following the infestation of the Oz system: the family discovers Kenji lied about his personality and the police is on the lookout for him, uncle Wabisuke is the designer of the virus, the legendary fighter character “King Kazma” who “slows” down the virus through digital “attacks” is cousin Kazuma, the virus eats profiles and becomes stronger in the process, which in return means its influence on the Oz system increases. The virus is causing all sorts of disturbance due to everything being hooked up to the Oz system and the “fight” for “survival” begins.

When grandmother learns that Wabisuke is the designer of the virus, she is deeply disappointed, especially when Wabisuke says he did it for her and that this virus has gotten him a job in the USA. Wabisukes involvement in this matter in this way was extra hurtful for their grandmother, as she has adopted and raised Wabisuke and they were very intimate with oneanother. Discovering her beloved Wabisuke was the cause for all the trouble destroyed her. After a heated fight, Wabisuke leaves the estate and the following day grandmother dies.

The death of the grandmother is reason for the male family members to take up arms and fight this infestation of the Oz system. As Natsuki’s family is quite big the family members are from all sorts of job backgrounds. Thanks to that they can quickly setup a server room to lure the virus into and captivate him there, so that it can’t harm the Oz system anymore.

When their attempt to stop the virus by trapping fails, it comes to a final showdown between Natsuki’s profile and the virus. Natsuki saw Kenji not giving up the fight even after the trapping failed, so she decides to fight back, too. After having received news of the grandmother’s death, Wabisuke joins the fight and returns to the family.
Natsuki manages to attract the virus’s attention by offering it profiles if it wins in a game of “Koi Koi”. In return she’d get profiles from the virus if she should win. Turn by turn Natsuki manages to free more and more profiles, but in a fatal move she loses almost all of the profiles at her disposal at the same time and it almost seems as they have lost the battle. But just when it seems like everything is over, people all around the world turn in and offer her their profiles to play with. With an unlimited amount of profiles at her disposal, she defeats the virus and the Oz system is rescued.

After that everything turns back to normal. The family celebrates the birthday of their grandmother, Natsuki and Kenji almost kiss and the movie is over.
Sorry for the abrupt end, but then final scenes are really more action scenes and not really worth going into. I’ve excluded some “interesting” information from the plot, so when you watch it, it will be still full of surprises. But this is the main plot. You could almost label the main plot as “family in distress”.

As you can see, the main plot is slowly working itself up for the finale of Natsuki and Kenji coming together. The family issues offer interesting, but at the same time odd perceptions of the story. Kenji seems so off all the time. It’s clear that he doesn’t belong there, but I don’t get it why he is treated like some hobo. I mean at one scene he says to all the family members “I’m not giving up, I think we should fight back” and then a woman answers him “We? You aren’t even from our family!”

It’s so irritating. Why shouldn’t he address the family members, it’s a global crisis for god’s sake! Weird stuff like that is all over the place. That’s why I couldn’t really enjoy the story. Unrealistic and irrational plot twists and dialogues like that throw me off very easily. I mean you can try and ignore the Oz system thing, it’s not that big of a deal in the end, but when the main character gets treated like that it’s hard to enjoy, especially if it doesn’t make sense.

Another thing maybe worth mentioning is the fact that the hero Kenji is a person with a very weak personality. And as watchers we connect with those characters, for the better or the worse. And in this case, it was definitely for the worse. I don’t like wimps, especially if they act a different personality only to impress a woman/man. In my world it only means that person lives for that other person. I don’t like people like that.   

So all in all, did I enjoy the movie? When I watched it the first time, it was enjoyable, I’ll admit. The second time it wasn’t as entertaining and in the third run it got annoying. So I guess I’d suggest watching this movie, especially in the first run it’s quite fun. And being contextually mostly appropriate, this is a definite suggestion for watching it.

Alright, this is it for this review, see you around on the next one!

Zmote; (

Hey people,

here is the next review!

For the PDF-Version with images and hopefully better formatting:…

And here is the text onle version:

The girl who leapt through time


It’s time for another review! This time it will be about the Anime-Movie “The girl who leapt through time”.
First off I’d like to thank my friend ArtsyComplex for suggesting this Anime to me, go check her stuff out! Oh and before I forget: you’re encouraged to suggest Anime! As I’ve seen a lot of Anime up until now, it’s nice and refreshing to have a look at and review stuff I’ve never seen before.
So with that said, let’s get over to the review.

PS: I’ll try to cut down the amount of writing; I guess it might be boring for some to read through the entire thing, but no promises! 

Mature Content Watch

All in all pretty decent stuff. If there was one “provocative” aspect of this Anime, it is the skirts of the high-school girls, especially when Makoto is rolling around the floor it can be a little “much”. But yeah, they “strategically” cover those parts with her foot, so no real revealing ever happens. Some bathing scenes, which aren’t revealing at all, even in a three-four second instance where she stands up in the bath, they only show her head and shoulder areas, so it’s pretty safe.

Maybe something ideologically to be careful of is the friendship between males and females thing. Although it is implied in the story that it doesn’t work out as a true friendship and that there are always love interest issues between them, it is still shown as something positive as pre-marital love is accepted and supported in this culture, yet it isn’t in the Islamic culture, so being aware of this when watching the Anime will be useful for my muslim brethren.

And that’s really all there is to it, all in all pretty decent and I’d really recommend watching this Anime to all of the audience!
PS: Not related to this Anime  for my muslim brethren, when you try to decide what is provocative and not, don’t just go for how the characters are clothed. Although the clothing part is obvious etc., the ideological messages can be way more harmful. Let me give you an example with this Anime. This Anime gives you the idea that death is a random factor and that if you could leap through time, you could avoid certain accidents. But we muslims don’t believe in random occurrences and it gives the idea that death is out of the control of god. That’s an ideological clash, which if not observed carefully, can harm you gravely without you even noticing.

Plot Summary

The story is quite straight-forward. If I had to express it with one sentence, I’d say something like: “A teen girl discovers that she can leap through time and events evolve from that point on”.

It’s a slice of life kind of Anime and its setting is a high-school setting, the kind of we are familiar from Anime such as Clannad or Angel Beats, but the Animation and approach feels more like a Ghibli movie in my opinion, which isn’t a bad thing per se.

The story revolves around the seventeen-year old girl Makoto Konno. Makoto is a normal high-school girl, who, as she herself describes it, isn’t very smart, but also not as stupid to be called “dumb”. She has two close friends, with whom she generally spends her time after school. One is Chiaki and the other is Kosuke. Both are male classmates, with whom she has a very fond friendship. After school they usually meet on a baseball field and play baseball; but from time to time they also go to the karaoke bar to sing.
One day on her way back home Makoto rides her bicycle downhill through a crowd of people in a hurry, trying to make it home in time. On the foot of the hill there is a railroad crossing about to close. Realizing she wouldn’t make it through, she pulls the breaks. To her shock the breaks don’t work and as a result she crushes into the barriers, is thrown towards the rails by the impact and is about to be hit by the train. Just in that moment something mysterious happens and she is sent back in time to the morning of the very same day.  Surprised to be alive, she seeks counsel with her Aunt Kazuko, who tells her that she might have time leaped.

When Makoto heard her Aunt say that she might have time leaped, she couldn’t believe it at first. But later that day, towards the evening, she is determined to try her luck and see if she really was able to time leap.  So she decides to recreate a similar scenario to when she was nearly killed by the train. She heads to the nearby river, where she runs downhill towards the water and jumping off in to the river with all her power. To her excitement she time leaped again and after some other “tests” she gains complete control over her “power” to time leap.

With her ability to time leap, Makoto relives moments she enjoys over and over again and feels like she has absolute control over her actions as she now can always return and redo them.

When she tells her Aunt about how happy she is because of the time leap, her Aunt answers with that if she is happy that means someone else is suffering for it. Confused by what she meant, she responds with that she would redo the events so that no one gets hurt.

But she realizes very soon that no amount going back changes the way how some people feel and think and so when Chiaki asks Makoto to go out with her, no matter how many times she time leaps, he always asks her out, so that Makoto is forced to avoid him. More and more such examples arise to the point she gets desperate and tries to manipulate people the way she want things to go.

She seeks out the counsel of her Aunt again. Her Aunt tells a tale about her high-school years and how she had also two male friends and that she dated one of them for a short amount. But apparently that friend who was also her boyfriend disappeared saying that he’d return one day.
Makoto still doesn’t know what to make with the counsel her Aunt was giving her, keeps on doing what she was doing, redo and manipulate so that the events unfold in her desire.

But one instance goes way off hand, and her “manipulation” causes her dear friend Kosuke’s life. What happens is that she tries to hook him up with a girl who is in love with him. To be successful she has to leap way back, even before the train accident. After she successfully manipulates Kosuke to go take care of that said girl, in that she forces him to injure that girl involuntarily and makes him take her to a close by clinic on his way home. But unfortunately, Kosuke uses Makoto’s bike to bring that girl to the clinic, so the very same accident that happened to Makoto and started her time leap adventure happens to Kosuke and that girl and they die. Confronted with this dilemma, Makoto cries her soul out for the time to stop and surprisingly her wish is granted. As she looks back she discovers Chiaki, who now explains his true personality. He says that he is a time-traveller who came back to this era to find a painting which was burnt in his era and that time leaping can be done only a limited amount of time and he has used up his amount of occasions. By rule that no one is to be aware of the time leaping from his time and confronted with the fact that he can’t go back to his time anymore, he says to Makoto that he has to disappear tomorrow and says farewell to her.

Destroyed by Chiaki’s disappearance and realizing that it was her fault that Chiaki used up his time leap occasions (he is the one who stops time after Kosuke’s accident), she realizes that she still has got one time leap left (they have a number tattooed on their hand and every time they leap that numbers goes down, at the time of Kosuke’s accident she had the number one printed on her hand), she is determined to set everything straight.

She goes back to before the train accident, sets Kosuke up with the same girl again, but this time forbids him to use her bicycle so the accident may not happen. Furthermore she goes to Chiaki and explains him everything. As at that time Chiaki still hadn’t used his number of time-leaps to stop time after Kosuke’s accident, Makoto tells him to return to his time and she promises to keep the painting he was looking for save for him. Chiaki thanks her and says that he’ll be back for her and disappears after that.
After that event she realizes the connection between her and her Aunt. She knows what she wants to do for a living after high-school.

And thus the story ends. There is the implication that her aunt might be in fact Makoto herself or at least that another traveller from the future might have come back to seek out the same painting and might have connected with her aunt in the same way she did with Chiaki.

Wow, quite the plot summary, huh?
If you want a more proper and detailed plot summary, I guess you could check out the Wikipedia entry.…
I might have interpreted some of the things wrong, but that wouldn’t be a bad thing, right? Means more to discover when you watch the Anime yourself. 

Personal Thoughts

I really liked the voice acting of Makoto. It was realistic and believable to the extent that it got embarrassing... you’ll see when you get to the crying scenes...
Another favourable point was the story itself, which was contextually decent and not forced. You know one of those stories where you can actually focus on the story itself. I found it also somewhat engaging, most notably the aspect of whether or not Makoto had control over time, and thus her fate.
That’s what I like most about Anime, they aren’t just entertainment. They can be thought provoking, no matter of what magnitude. Seriously, if I feel an episode made me think about myself, about some social protocol or an order within the world, I consider that time as not wasted. And the most Anime haven’t disappointed me in that aspect, including this one.

Finally I’d like to add that there is also the factor of entertainment that is well met. Above all the relationship between the Trio was very fun to watch and was cause for not a minor amount of laughter.

And that’s it for my personal thoughts. The Anime-Movie was entertaining, was engaging and decent. Although I liked it, it’s not one of those remarkable Anime that will stick with me, for that I found the story a little too shallowly covered. Or you could say the time-frame didn’t allow diving in too deep into the story.

Well that’s it again from me, thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Review by Zmote


Ok that's it! Until next time people.
Heya people,

it's zmote:
excuse me for taking a little longer for another Anime Review; I am very busy these days.

However, here comes another Anime Review and this time it's Zetsuen no Tempest! Sadly, again, something I won't be able to recommend to my muslim brethrens, but well, at least you'll know why not to watch it and what's it about. :P

Here you go with the PDF-Version with images:…

And here is the Text only Review!:


Zetsuen no Tempest

What’s up people? Are we all enjoying ourselves today?
So here comes the next Anime Review! So excited!  Although I am a little disappointed in the fact that I won’t be able to wholeheartedly recommend this Anime for all audiences yet again, I have to say that it’s still a pretty impressive and interesting story nonetheless.

You could guess why I am unable to go all “Yay! Awesome Anime, watch it!” but let me phrase it anew for those who might wonder. First of let me ensure you that I don’t pick these Anime consciously; generally I’ll go on some websites that deal with Anime and look what is rated high. Afterwards I’ll look through some episodes and if I think it has potential, I’ll watch it from start to finish. Furthermore I grew up in Switzerland, so some stuff isn’t as provoking and arousing to me as it might be for some of you who aren’t confronted as much with sexual content as I am due to the local culture here. If you find something really provoking and I’m not pointing it out as such, do tell me that so I can profile it and make a better review for the next time. I have been exposed all my life to stuff like miniskirts and bikini-type bathing suits, strange ideologies and wicked rituals so I don’t register them as strongly as some of you might. That doesn’t mean I’m “over it”, that I “figured it out” or what not; let’s say I don’t get caught by that trap as quickly as someone who has very rare exposure to stuff like this. So again, if you think I recommend something that is still very provoking for some of you just tell me that.
Alrighty then, with the sermon finished, let’s start talking business... or Anime in this case.
So next up would be plot overview, I guess?

Plot overview

So what’s this story about? What does Zetsuen no Tempest mean? Well a quick research will tell you it means something like Civilization Blaster, Blaster of Tempest or something else along the line. Although researching the word Tempest will also give your results such as the last book written by Shakespeare, which is an important reference, as some books from Shakespeare, especially the Tempest and the story of Hamlet have a role not to be underestimated on the story.
Basically the story revolves around the two main male characters Yoshino Takigawa and Mahiro Fuwa. The story and the two “main” characters are connected by another special passive main female character, which is Aika Fuwa - step-sister of Mahiro and girlfriend of Yoshino - who was murdered a year prior to when the story starts and plays a crucial role to the entire story.

Yoshino and Mahiro have very different personalities and as such deal with the death of Aika very differently. One accepts that her death was out of their control and that no action against the murderer would bring Aika back and as such is very passive about seeking a reason behind his girlfriend’s death. The other on the other hand needs closure and desperately looks for his step-sisters murderer; he is dead-set on revenge, because, in his words, “the death of Aika doesn’t make sense” when her murderer gets away unpunished and that he can’t live in such a world.

An interesting fact in their relationship with Aika is Mahiro’s and Yoshino’s separate relations with her. Aika is Mahiro’s step-sister, so she isn’t really his own sister, thus from time to time he struggles with feelings for her that he tries to deny. He basically struggles between being a brother and falling in love with Aika. On the other hand, Yoshino is Mahiro’s best friend, yet he is also Aika’s secret boyfriend; secret, because they are afraid of Mahiro’s reaction when he’d find out that he’s best friend is dating his “sister”.  However, one night Mahiro finds his sister seated on a chair, dead and covered in blood. That same night Aika was supposed to be going on a date with Yoshino. That event is, as mentioned in the beginning, the backbone of the story.

Well enough of that relationship thing, let’s get on to the story.

After Aika’s death, about a year after, one day Mahiro finds a message in a bottle, in which there is something like a talisman. Through that talisman he gets contacted by Hakaze Kusaribe, the head princess of the Kusaribe clan, a magic practicing clan worshipping a so called “Tree of Genesis”, through which they gain their magical abilities. They are also referred to as the protectors of the Tree of Genesis and can only use defensive magic. Their enemy is the Tree of Exodus, symbolizing the opposite to the Tree of Genesis. The Tree of Exodus doesn’t have a clan, but it has an actor for its side, too.

The Kusaribe’s magic works by sacrificing pieces of technology, in return to which the Tree of Genesis grants magical powers. As such the Kusaribe clan members are always near developed civilizations, because their magic gets weaker the more distanced they are from technology and achievements of civilizations. It is believed by the Kusaribe that the Tree of Genesis is the protector of the world and that the Tree of Exodus is trying to destroy the world. A minor side-note: there are so called “fruits of the Tree of Exodus” that appear at certain locations. They announce their coming by a special disease, which turns people who are close to iron statues. Also, because this fruit affects its surroundings, it causes cocoons to blossom into butterflies way faster, because it’s nurturing life or something like that. It’s kinda confusing and I don’t really wanna dwell on that as it wasn’t that important in my opinion to understand the plot. And to be honest, it’s such a wicked story background. xD

Phew! So much babbling! Let’s get back on track. Where were we? Oh, right, Mahiro gets contacted by Hakaze through the Talisman. You see, there are different interpretations of what role the Tree of Genesis and the Tree of Exodus play in the worlds future, but a certain party amongst the Kusaribe believes that the Tree of Exodus needs to be revived, or else the Tree of Genesis, “hungry”, will devour all civilization on earth. So they oppose their leader, Hakaze and thus they send her on an abandoned island so that she cannot interfere with the revival of the Tree of Exodus. That’s where the main characters get tied to the bigger story through Hakaze Kusaribe and onto saving the world from ending. Because she is unwilling to let the opposing members do as they wish, she tries to contact people from the outside world, by sending enchanted objects in bottle messages.
Mahiro picks one of those up and is shown how to use magic by Hakaze. So he feels he is closer than ever to finding Aika’s murder and actually being able to avenge her; now that he has gained a new power.

In his search for the murderer through magic, Yoshino gets involved aswell and they are introduced into the bigger scheme of things; the battle between the Tree of Exodus and the Tree of Genesis.

After some action, Mahiro and Yoshino side with Hakaze and try to protect the Tree of Genesis. Although, another interesting side-note: the Tree of Genesis is somewhat special in another way: it makes things happen so that it serves the wishes and goals of Hakaze Kusaribe, the princess and head protector of the tree. As such it is also speculated if the Tree of Genesis had a role in the death of Aika, as she was the trigger who made Mahiro and Yoshino get involved into the battle between the Trees and as such side with and help Hakaze escape from that island.

But no matter their struggles, somehow the Tree of Genesis perseveres. It doesn’t destroy the world, but its “hunger” it kills like four billion humans and destroys A LOT of earth’s civilizations. As the Tree of Genesis is also known as the protector of reason and justice, the Tree henceforth doesn’t allow anyone to commit any crime and crime rates are at all low; but at the price of their freedom.

In the first clash, or maybe better expressed as the awakening of the Tree of Genesis, Mahiro and Yoshino get badly hurt and the story progresses 4-6 months into the future.
At this point, where the Tree of Genesis has destroyed most of earth’s civilizations and human population, the story feels like as if a second arc had started; up to that point it was more about getting to know what the Trees where, how magic worked etc.
The second arc or the story from that point on is a battle against the Tree of Genesis and trying to stop it from total annihilation of earth’s civilization.
The rest of the story is quite predictable, the reason of Aika’s death gets unveiled, encounter with Tree of Exodus’ “champion” happens, fighting, a lot of action and dramatic scenes and then the story ends with... well I won’t tell. Although you could look it up on wiki if you don’t intend watching the Anime.
Oh wait, I have skipped another major story element. The love relationship between Hakaze and Yoshino. Well, love relationship, maybe you could say the process of Hakaze falling in love with Yoshino while he totals doesn’t get it until the end. It has an impact on the story and it has to do with the fate thing I mentioned about the Tree of Genesis, but imho it wasn’t something I’d say extraordinary.

Personal thoughts?

Seriously? I found the Anime interesting or at least how it was told was very attention grabbing. But the story is not something that made me think, reflect or you know, it didn’t cause any strong reaction in me like Clannad or FMA: Brotherhood and the likes. It was entertaining, but yeah, I would recommend it only because of it’s good story-telling, not because of the plot. The plot is garbage in my opinion.

The characters were ok, I especially liked Mahiro’s character. His stubborness and inability to admit some of his own feelings are quite well done. Other characters shine aswell, but yeah, it’s really all in all mediocre stuff, not bad, not awesome, something inbetween. I can’t get myself really passionate about it, because I didn’t like the plot, and for me the plot is very important, because it’s a good plot that makes you think and reflect on a deeper level.

So excuse this scarce “Personal Thought” section, but it just didn’t go along well with me. As I said, mediocre, good story-telling, but not really intellectually engaging as some other Anime I’ve seen. Would I recommend it? If you don’t have the repeated issues such as almost nudity and magic, it’s a good watch of 24 Episodes (or something along that line). A lot of these stories really loose impact, because of forced sexual content, like tight clothing, almost nudity and you know stuff like boobs jumping out of the breast area etc.
There is a certain differentiation with that stuff I do make. One is if you watch an Anime about swimming, fashion show etc. than stuff like that is normal, it fits into the story no matter how much you or I may dislike it. But if a certain view, a certain type of clothing really makes you say “Really? You gonna wear that and pretend to be an undercover cop? And oh let’s not mention it’s kinda close to winter, but whatevs.”

One such instant was for example Hakaze on that abandoned island. She is basically naked, just some clothing here and there. What’s more disturbing or funny is that the ones who dropped her on that island, dropped her of half-naked, even though she was their princess and in the course of the story they still encounter her with some respect, so it wasn’t done just in spite. Another thing is that they cared to drop of a rocket on that island so if need be the princess could return in an emergency situation (of course that rocket is hidden), but they didn’t care to leave her any clothing at all. Yeah, that makes so much sense. I mean if you wanted her to freeze to death or die by catching a cold, why not just stab her directly to begin with...

Ah I’m getting off topic. The usual issues with some of the Anime, you know how it goes with some of these. With this Anime it is a little to present for my taste, and I’m pretty used to stuff like that due to where I live, so go figure.  So yeah, to my muslim friends I’d say not worth watching it.
I’ll try to cover Animes which I can recommend to you hehe. But these which I covered were the ones I watched just recently so bear with me. At least you know what NOT to watch, huh? :P
Cheers, zmote

If the text feels a little weird to read, it just might be the two - three weeks it took to finish, too many breaks will cause some disconnect, sorry for that. I'll try to start and finish within a day with the next review. ^^
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